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Harvey Weinstein accuser, Jessica Mann, Claims Weinstein has no testicles, and may have a vagina. “The first time I saw him fully naked,” she said, “I thought he was deformed and intersex. He has an extreme scarring that I didn’t know, maybe [he] was a burn victim …” – Jessica MannHarvey Weinstein Has No Testicles, And May Have A Vagina - Jessica Mann

“He does not have testicles, and it appears that he has a vagina,” Mann said.

Weinstein reportedly slumped his head in the courtroom when Mann described his purportedly deformed genitals.

“He also peed on me once,” she said.

Weinstein, 67, has pleaded not guilty to raping Mann and to sexually assaulting another woman, Mimi Haleyi. Since 2017, more than 80 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Pluralist