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Ari Behn, is the latest, Kevin Spacey, accuser to die. In total, three people, who have accused Spacey of sexual abuse, have died. Is it all just a big coincidence? Many people say, no.Ari Behn Suicide Hoax?Ari Behn, in an interview with a Norwegian radio station, said that, Kevin Spacey, known for his roll as politician Frank Underwood in TV’s “House of Cards,” had assaulted him at a concert in 2007.

“I have a little #MeToo story about Kevin Spacey,” “We were having a nice chat where we spoke about theater and drama, and the little theater, the Wick, a theater in London. We had a good conversation sitting beside each other. After five minutes he said ‘Hey, let’s go out and have a cigarette,’ then he grabbed me under the table right in the balls.”