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At a recent press conference in New York City, Greta Thunberg, was unable to answer simple questions from a Swedish reporter. Without a carefully written script, (written by Globalists) Thunberg, was lost.

This is the first public humiliation of the Climate Hoax poster child, there are certainly more to come. Her less than stellar performance, is proof that she has no idea what she is doing. She is a puppet of the Globalist elite, and without her handlers, directing her, she is just embarrassing herself.

Thunberg, along with 15 other “child petitioners,” were assembled at the Headquarters of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to announce a “landmark complaint to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child . . . to urge the independent body to order Member States to take action to protect children from the devastating impacts of climate change.”
The following statements read and recited by adults and children on the panel, members of the press were granted an opportunity to pose questions.

Tomas Kvarnkullen, a reporter with Swedish media outlet Expressen directed two basic question at Thunberg.
“What kind of message would you send, by doing this, to world leaders, and also can I ask you, do you think it’s about time President Trump would respond to what you have said today?” Kvarnkullen asked.
Thunberg responded, “I think… I’m sorry, what was the first question?”

Kvarnkullen repeated his original question.
“I think what we would want to send is — the message we want to send is to say that, ‘We have had enough.’ And… does anyone else want to answer that question? I can’t speak on behalf of everyone.”
Thunberg then asked Kvarnkullen to pose his follow-up question to other children on the panel. Read on..

No one knows why the Globalist elite, chose Greta Thunberg, to be their voice. But it has become evident, that they should never let her take part in an un-scripted Q&A conference. Perhaps, without trying, Greta, may be the one who will bring down the Climate Hoaxers.