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Some people still actually believe that a man can “buy” Russian mail order brides. This is a disgusting myth. No one can “purchase” a wife (at least not in the civilized world). Usually, the people who go along with this idea, are lonely “haters”.

They are almost always, single and miserable people, who lash out, and mock all forms of foreign marriage. Their dating disappointments have left them bitter, and they can’t stand to see another individual find true love.

They evidently want to drag everyone down into their (most likely self made) pit of despair. And their number one target is Russian brides. Just because some one goes against the dating “norms” and seeks a foreign bride, doesn’t mean that they are somehow “cheating” in the dating game.

Russian brides are popular because of their traditional views on life and marriage, and they are plentiful. There is far more women than men in Russia. There simply is not enough suitable Russian men. So, Russian women look for foreign husbands (why wouldn’t they?). Somehow the idea of single Russian women, looking for men outside of their own country, is seen as a “scam”.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Russian girls dream of getting married, from a very early age. Marriage is their number one priority in life. Unlike western women, who put off marriage until the last second, and hope that some man will marry them, Russian women desire to be married before the age of 25.

“Married by 25” is the Russian equivalent to the western version of “married by 30” deadline. Russian and Ukrainian women don’t want to live their lives as “Old Maids”. And the best way for them to prevent this from happening, is to look outside of their respective countries.

Russian brides are a perfect match for western men. Their combination of beauty and caring nature, is something that many western women severely lack in the “modern age”. And that why they have become so popular.

Anyone who mocks the practice of foreign marriage, is nothing more than a lonely “troll”. It’s time to ignore the haters who falsely claim that western men are “buying” Russian brides, and concentrate on doing what makes you happy!