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Royal hypocrites, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, preach about protecting the planet, yet they take 4 private jet trips, in only 11 days. The disgusting couple promote the global warming farce, and have even said they would only have 2 kids in order to “protect the environment.A Map Of The Countries Visited By Prince Harry And Meghan Markle During Their 11 Private Jet Trips In Only 4 Days. Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Claim That Climate Change Is Real, Yet They Have No Problem With Taking 11 Private Jet Trips.
The Royal family are famous for being two-faced liars, they enjoy living off of the taxpayers, while doing nothing. They are lazy elites, and they enjoy swindling the British people. They pretend to be a force of good for the British people, but in reality, their only purpose in life is to extort as much money from the Brits as possible.

Do as I say, not as I do, is a very accurate phrase when referring to the low-life royals. While the British people are struggling with debt and constant knife crime by committed by Muslim terrorists, they are enjoying the “caviar and champagne” lifestyle.