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Alleged El Paso Walmart Mass Shooter Patrick Crusius’ detailed manifesto, describes in great detail, as to why he planned this mass shooting that killed 20 people.El Paso Walmart Mass Shooter Patrick Crusius On Security Camera. Patrick Crusius Killed 20 People At Walmart, His Reason Was Well Described In His Manifesto, Stating That Illegal Hispanics Are Ruining AmericaEl Paso Mass Shooter Patrick Crusius' Manifesto Describes His Hatred Of Illegal Hispanic Aliens In Great Detail. He States That Illegal Aliens Are Rotting AmericaPatrick Crusius' Manifesto. Patrick Crusius, Wrote About The Illegal Alien Problem In America, And He Feels That Hispanics Are Taking Over America, And America Is Rotting Because Of Them.Patrick Crusius' Shooting Manifesto, Shows His Motives For Killing 20 People In El Paso Walmart Massacre. Patrick Crusius Said That Illegal Aliens Are Rotting America From The Inside OutEl Paso Walmart Mass Shooter, Patrick Crusius' Social Media Profile. It Is Alleged That Patrick Crusius Posted His Manifesto On 8chan Before Killing 20 People At El Paso Walmart