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A liberal judge has dismissed the $250 million lawsuit against the Washington Post, that was filed by Covington student Nicholas Sandmann. Judge William Bertelsman, ruled that the Washington Post articles and their tweets smearing 17-year-old Sandmann, are opinions protected by the First Amendment.

Sandmann’s lawsuit accused the Washington Post of libel, stating that WAPO should pay $250 million in damages for publishing “a series of false and defamatory print and online articles” about Nicholas Sandmann. Unfortunately, judge Bertelsman ruled that the articles mentioning Sandmann must be “more than annoying, offensive or embarrassing” to be considered defamation.

“Few principles of law are as well-established as the rule that statements of opinion are not actionable in libel actions,” Bertelsman included in court documents. He also stated that the Washington Post had a right to tilt its coverage in favor of Philips’ perspective, saying that Sandmann’s defamatory claims were focused on the students as a whole.

The main take away from this miscarriage of justice, is that any liberal media outlet (fake news) can paint conservatives as “Racists” and get away scot-free. No conservative is safe from the slanderous left, they want all those who disagree with their “moral convictions” destroyed, and there seems to be no way of stopping them.