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Fat ass “artist”, Mare Tralla, a morbidly obese European feminist, exposed her gross naked body to a group of young children, while protesting the Patriarchy at an art gallery.

In her “exhibit”, Mare Tralla, a lesbian feminist, covered up paintings by a well known male Estonian artist, Marko Maetamm, with shrouds containing slogans like, “‘But he is a nice guy!” Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”, and “‘But he smiles always!’ Can Not Be Used as an Excuse for Sexism!”.
Fat Lesbian Feminist, Exposes Her Naked Body To Young Children, For A Gross "Art" Exhibit. The Lard-Ass Feminist Claims She Is Fighting The Patriarchy With Her Perverse Behavior.Many people have claimed that her perverted behavior should be considered as child abuse. But since she is a lesbian “feminist”, she can do as she pleases, and the authorities will turn a blind eye to her degenerate “art show”.