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Dopey Warhawk, Sean Hannity, wants Trump to bomb Iran, in order to prevent another “Holocaust”. Fox News’ Hannity, is a notorious Neocon, and evidently a lover of endless wars. Hannity’s ridiculous remarks, show just how much of an imbecile he really is.

“A-squared, B-squared equals C-squared,” Hannity said. “Radical Islamic mullahs married to weapons of mass destruction, nukes, equals a potential holocaust.” “We can’t let that happen,” “That’s it — it’s mathematical.” said Hannity.

Luckily, Trump seems to be listening to Tucker Carlson’s advice. Tucker has warned Trump about the devastation that would follow if the U.S. took military action against Iran. But Tucker is the only sane voice at Fox News. The rest of the lot seem to be pushing for WW3.

Sean Hannity, want’s the U.S.A. to be constantly involved in meaningless wars in the Middle-East. Evidently, he is not satisfied with the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. His bloodlust has no end.