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Anti-British mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, blasted President Donald Trump’s visit to London. Weak Sadiq, shilled for Elle magazine, promoting their feminist garbage. Only a garbage human like Sadiq Khan, could have enough nerve to criticize, when he has failed as mayor.

Part and parcel, says Sadiq, after acid attacks and murders. Knife crime has sky-rocketed under Sadiq’s “leadership”, but only when a minority is attacked, will Sadiq speak out in condemnation.

President Trump has been laying into the Slimy Khan, on twitter, and no one with a brain in their head could disagree that Khan is a “Stone Cold Loser”. Trump needs to rally his base for the upcoming 2020 presidential election, and what better way to do it, than to call out and humiliate Khan.

Trump needs to take advantage of this situation. He may never get another chance to humiliate the globalist Khan, on his home turf. The mayor never misses a chance to attack Trump, and spout his fake outrage. So Trump would be wise to challenge cry-baby Khan, to an open debate right in the heart of London. It would be Huuuge.