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An ad for Strasse Porsche Garage in Leeds, UK, depicting a sexy female mechanic working under a Porsche, was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority after one complaint.

The commercial for Strasse Porsche Garage in Leeds, was placed in both, 911 and Porsche World Magazine. It was captioned “Attractive Servicing,” it shows a female mechanic in a tight black mini-skirt and pink high-heels working under an orange Porsche.

The Advertising Standards Authority banned the ad after a single complaint, even though Strasse’s appeal argued that it actually “empowered” women.Sexy Female Mechanic - Strasse Porsche“We concluded the ad was not sexually explicit, but by using a suggestive image that bore no relevance to the advertised product, the ad objectified women and was likely to cause serious offence to some people,” the ASA said.

Strasse, made two mistakes. The first one, was actually believing that the UK isn’t a feminist dominated police state. And the second one, was trying to sell the lie of “Female Empowerment”. Strasse evidently thought the ASA would buy that line, and would allow the advertisement to continue to be published. Obviously it didn’t work, and it made Strasse look weak.