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Russian political prisoner, Maria Butina, is still rotting in jail for an imaginary crime. Maria, is a victim of Russian hysteria. The liberal democrats needed a scapegoat in order to push their fake news (Russian Collusion Hoax).

But now that the Russian collusion fiasco is finally over, (Not in the minds of Democrats) people are asking, “will President Trump pardon Maria Butina?”. It of course would be the right thing to do, but don’t count on it.

Trump is too occupied with his potential war with Iran, to care about an innocent Russian girl (who was pro-Trump), who has been wrongfully charged with spying. More than likely, Maria Butina, will be deported, and banned from the USA.

What will Trump say when the inevitable deportation happens? Probably something like, “As long as it’s done, legally”, or even worse, “I never heard of her”.