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Globalist stooge, Theresa May, crying as she announced her resignation as Prime Minister. But her crocodile tears, weren’t fooling anyone. Her total failure as Prime Minister, and her constant efforts to delay “Brexit”, are the reason why many Brexiteers are mocking her fake tears.

Theresa May is a Globalist, and her tears were not for the British people whom she betrayed, but she was crying for herself, because that is the only person she truly cares for. Never mind the British working class, their voices and needs are insignificant.

Theresa May, will only be missed by her Globalist friends. She will no longer be in a position to thrust England back into the arms of the poisonous E.U.. The end is near for the Globalist elite. May’s resignation has sent a shockwave directly aimed at Brussels. It is a sign of things to come. And the E.U. elite, are wetting themselves.