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A nutty British feminist, Melissa Denton, decided to marry herself. The twice divorced woman, (Big Surprise) has given up on finding a husband, and has chosen to marry her one true love, herself. But, only two weeks later, the self absorbed deviant, changed her mind and decided to cheat on herself.Melissa Denton“For years, I had poured myself into relationship after relationship, losing myself in the process. It was time to put ‘me’ first – a way to affirm that I can be happy on my own and to move on from the relationship,” said Denton.

“My friends colluded to help write my vows and I had a photo shoot on the beach with my ring and flowers,” she said. “For the first time in my adult life, I was single and happy – the experience was empowering. Rather than wasting my time, energy and love on someone else, I was putting myself first.”

Yet only two weeks later, she got “bored” with her “mock marriage”, and became a contestant on a British dating show. During her date with fellow contestant, Damian, she said, “This is my third time married, but you could say I’m bored, so with the permission of my other half I’ve been allowed to go on a date.” Read on..