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During a Victory Day speech in Red Square, Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is always “ready for cooperation,” but he will not stop working to beef up the country’s defensive capabilities.

The parade, which commemorates the 74th anniversary of Russia’s victory in “The Great Patriotic War”—World War II—featured 35 military marching bands, 130 pieces of modern military equipment, and more than 13,000 military personnel.

Our sacred duty is to protect the real heroes. We bow to all veterans from the generation of victors. You live in different countries, but the feat that you accomplished together cannot be divided. We will always honor all of you and glorify Victory, which has always been and remains one for all of us.

The lessons of the past war are still relevant. We have done and will continue to do our best to ensure high combat capability of our Armed Forces, the defense potential of the most modern level, and we will continue to reinforce the prestige of military service and the standing of soldiers and officers, the defenders of the Fatherland.
At the same time, Russia is open to cooperation with everyone who is willing to resist terrorism, neo-Nazism and extremism. Collective resistance to bearers of deadly ideas has become crucial again. Read on…