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Why would a man want to join, “silversingles.com”, and date old women, when he could marry a young Russian bride? Russian mail order brides are perfect for men of all ages. So there is no reason for an older man, to have to settle for a woman who’s in his age group.Greedy WomanOf course, there is nothing wrong with dating “Silver Singles”. Some men may prefer to be with an elderly woman. But those types of men, have sold themselves short! Either they genuinely want to be with someone close to their own age, or, they have bought into the “Old men shouldn’t marry young women” propaganda, that is pushed by “society-experts”.

Why would a man, choose to marry a worn-out, and divorced (trouble) woman, when he could have a young, beautiful and never married, Russian bride? Surely there are some “good” older women, on the “geriatric dating” sites. But, about 99% of those women are divorced.

Trying to find a “good” woman, who has been divorced, (who knows how many times, and what the circumstances were) could be a long and more than likely, a disappointing task. Deciding to get back into the dating scene is great, but it’s not a good idea to start courting old and divorced women.