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Desperate Full House

Felicity Huffman, and Lori Loughlin A.K.A. “Aunt Becky”, are in the middle of one of the largest college admissions scams, in American history. “Pay for play” is nothing new, especially when it comes to prestigious colleges.

Rich parents have been getting their “academically challenged” kids in to high-end colleges (Harvard and Yale) for decades. Bribing the folks in charge of college admissions is common place, but most people think it is a rare practice, until now.

Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and nine college coaches are among the dozens charged Tuesday in what federal officials say is the nation’s largest-ever college admissions bribery case prosecuted by the Justice Department.Aunt Becky Lori LoughlinThe Justice Department charged 33 affluent parents, which include CEOs and television stars, with taking part in an elaborate conspiracy that involved cheating on the SAT and ACT and parents paying coaches “enormous sums” to accept students who fabricated their athletic credentials at elite universities and colleges. Full Story.