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The realm of foreign marriage, is often dominated by, Russian mail order brides. That is the first buzzword that comes to mind, when people hear about foreign dating. But the fact is, there are just as many, single Ukrainian girls, as well.

You don’t hear much about “Ukrainian mail order brides”, that’s because it doesn’t sound as “catchy”. But what’s in a name? There are plenty of men, who marry girls from Ukraine. Ukrainian girls, are just as popular as their Russian counterparts. And just as plentiful!Sexy ukrainian GirlsThe fact is, Slavicmate.com, has just as many single Ukrainian members, as it does, Russian. The reason being is, Ukraine suffers from the same problem as Russia, women far outnumber men in the Ukraine, that is one of the main reasons why there are so many Ukrainian singles on our site.

The other reason why Ukrainian girls are looking for western men, is the fact that there are so few respectable men in the Ukraine. Like Russia, a large portion of men are alcoholics, and abusive. Of course, not all Ukrainian men are this way, but it seems that the “good ones” are few and far between.Hot Girls From UkraineUkrainian brides, (though rarely spoken of) are very popular amongst western men. They are desired by men, not only for their beautiful looks, but for there traditional nature. Men want both outstanding beauty, as well as loyalty. Some say that you can’t have it both ways, but Ukrainian girls, are proof that you can!