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It’s no secret that, Google, censors certain websites, especially the one’s that go against their political beliefs. Will Russian dating sites be next? Google, has already banned the use of certain keywords, on Google Ads, such as, “Russian Mail Order Brides” and “Mail Order Brides”. Even though their is no such thing as a, mail-order bride, it is a valuable keyword.

So why ban them? The most plausible reason, is because of the never ending “Russian Hysteria” headlines. So it seems, that Google, has decided to combat “Russian collusion”, by banning certain keywords, and suppressing what they believe to be “Pro-Russia” websites.

Of course, the most suppressed websites, are conservative one’s. The people who own Google, are confirmed “left-wing nuts”, they don’t even try to hide it. They have a radical agenda, and they want all opposing views to be silenced.

So, if Google, modifies it’s search algorithm’s, in order to “hide” conservative websites, then what would stop them from hiding Russian dating sites? Nothing! The competition to be at the top of a Google search result, is fierce. It takes a lot of effort for any site to rank 1st.

But no matter how hard you work, or how much quality content your site has to offer, it is impossible to be found, if Google targets your website. But until someone creates a search engine that is more powerful, all websites will continue to be at the mercy of the “Big-Tech” gatekeepers.