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There are a lot of misconceptions about the lifestyles of Russian girls. Some people claim that “Russian girls are expensive”, usually, the only one’s who say this are, jealous and bitter men. Perhaps these people have had a bad experience at another Russian dating site.

Sure, there are a lot of greedy women in the world, but claiming that all Russian women are like that, is just plain ignorant. People like to “bash” Russian brides, this is their way of coping with their own loneliness.Russian Model In FerrariThe people who criticize Russian brides, just can’t seem to wrap their tiny little brains, around the fact that, there is an over-abundance of single women in Russia. And they are having a tough time finding suitable husbands. That doesn’t make them greedy, or “expensive”.

People will always be jealous of others, especially when they are single. They see a happy man, who has found his true love in Russia, and they automatically lash-out. But who cares? Those people are disgusting, and deep-down, they know it.