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The demented followers of “Feminism”, are some of the most perverse “Ghouls” on the planet. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, out pops another instance of sub-human behavior. One of the latest trends that some feminists have adopted is, “Period blood worship”!

Feminist and self proclaimed (sex coach), Demetra Nyx, from Los Angeles, California, claims that her period blood is “beautiful” and “magical”. Nyx, posted her disgusting photos to Instagram, saying, “Sharing pictures of blood on my face and body was just an impulse, I was creating a series to help women connect with their menstrual cycle, and I thought it would be fun”.

“We hold so much shame in our bodies, and most of us do not realize it until we intentionally explore it. Our periods are an incredibly magical time of month that holds immense power, and our society keeps us away from that as much as possible …”
In one of her revolting “posts”, she wrote the word “shameless” on her leg, the other photo showed her face painted with period blood.

Nyx, continued her ridiculous rant, encouraging women to pour their menstrual blood into the Earth. “We can also do things like paint with it or pour it into the earth,” said Nyx. “I believe it’s a beautiful thing to get comfortable with touching your own blood. I used to spend my time worrying about what other people thought of me.”

Nyx, has elevated this deviant behavior to “ritual-like” status. “It is a little to liberate other women and a lot to please my Self,” “I get so much pleasure from this ritual and I love feeling so free to share it and I love not caring what the reactions will be.

“I will do this every month until people are no longer shocked by it. I will do it until little girls stop being taught that the natural functions of their bodies are disgusting and unclean. I will do it until women stop feeling like they can’t have sex on their period because it is gross”, said Nyx.

No one should be surprised by this kind of behavior. The days of being shocked are over. There is no limit when it comes to feminism. Just when you think they couldn’t get anymore disgusting, they raise the bar, or in this case, lower it.