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Here are just a few reasons why Russian brides are so popular amongst western men. There are numerous reasons why Russian dating has become so popular, but we have narrowed them down to the top 5 reasons.


Russian Girl In Yoga PantsRussian girls are known for their amazing beauty (as well as other Slavic women). And what’s more, they are plentiful! There is an abundance of strikingly beautiful women in Eastern-Europe, and since women vastly out number the male population, there is more than enough single women, who are looking for true love! And that is a tremendous advantage for you!


Sexy Redhead Russian GirlMen want a loyal wife, one who faithful and honest. These are some qualities that a major portion of Western women lack. Men are tired of the lying and deceitfulness that they encounter when dating western women. Of course, not all women from the west are like this, but it is becoming extremely difficult for men to find the “good ones”.


Russian Girls In BikinisSlavic women are very feminine (They still act like girls). They prefer to wear dresses ,instead of blue-jeans. Not that there is anything wrong with a woman wearing jeans from time to time, but women look more feminine in dresses, and that is what men truly want. Men want a soft and feminine wife, not a woman who prefers to dress like a lumber-jack.

Family Oriented

Hot Russian BrideRussian women are very family oriented. They want to start a family, and they want to do this as soon as possible. They Want to find a husband to settle down with, and raise a family. Over the past few decades, the western world has become very anti-family.

Starting a family, is looked at in a very negative way. Western women are becoming less interested in settling down, they want to play around and waste men’s time (and money). So it makes perfect sense, why so many men are choosing Russian dating.

Traditional Values

Sexy Redhead RussianSlavic women are very traditional. They still hold true to the traditional roles that men and women play. They reject the feminist ideology, that is pushed upon women in the west. They actually respect the patriarchy! That is something that would cause any feminist to have a massive heart-attack.

No longer do men have to search high and low for a traditional and respectable wife. The quality of western women has been in decline for decades. Finding a traditional wife in the west, has become a difficult and extremely long journey for men. But no longer!

Russian dating, is the solution for single men. Slavicmate.com, has taken all of the work out of dating. You no longer have to spend years and untold amounts of money, trying and hoping to find the “right girl”. We have done that for you. Your future wife is literally just a click away! All you have to do is sign up!