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The “Oscars” is already a disgusting event, but they took it up a notch, by awarding an Oscar for the ridiculous Netflix documentary “Period. End of Sentence”. The whole documentary focuses on the woes of Indian girls, who are being discriminated against because of their menstruation. Wow!


In an attempt to improve female hygiene, a machine that makes cheap biodegradable sanitary pads (Tampons) is installed at a village in North India. By operating the machine, a group of local women are employed to make and sell the pads, giving them financial independence and helping to make the act of menstruation, seem less offensive. Phew! What a mess!

Yes, menstruation is a totally normal and shouldn’t be used to shame women. But that doesn’t mean their should be a documentary made about it. Let alone giving it’s creators an Oscar for it. India, is known for being a very un-sanitary place, some have described it as being “The Diarrhea Capital of The World”.

India, has plenty of hygienic nightmares, but women without access to tampons is hardly the worst one. So some Indians shame women for having periods, they see them as unclean, so what? Is the world supposed to invade India, and force them to quit “period-shaming”?Netflix Period DocumentaryThe only thing worse than this documentary, is it’s producers (Rayka Zehtabchi & Melissa Berton). “‘I can’t believe a film about menstruation just won an Oscar!”, screeched,  Rayka Zehtabchi. Then Berton, went on to thank some unheard-of “Feminist organization”. And ended it with the typical “We gotta do something” call to action.

The Oscars, used to be a classy event, one that used to honor outstanding films and their producers, but those days are long gone. The Oscars started to go down hill when “stars” started to use it for a political platform (which has been unbearable), but that is nothing compared to the new “Red Menace”. Feminism has officially dominated Hollywood, from here on out, everything will be centered around “female empowerment”. Unless you enjoy listening to “elite” harpies, bashing men, then it would be advisable to just turn the  channel.