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Feminism, truly is a mental disorder. The photo above, is a perfect example of what happens when a young woman adopts feminist ideology. This woman went from being attractive, and tweeting about something wholesome (making a “Yarn-Butterfly”), to a pink-haired feminist, encouraging someone to kill, Brett Kavanaugh.

Of course, nothing intelligent will ever come out of a pink haired feminist’s mouth, and it’s to every sane person’s benefit to ignore them. But what isn’t to be ignored, is when one of these “nuts” start calling for the murder of those they disagree with (intelligent and respectful people).

The beginnings of Feminism, started out with just a bunch of shrill harpies. Old maids, who hated their perpetual loneliness, and who wanted to punish men. But as many predicted, it would not stop with nagging (hen-pecking), it would grow into sexual perversion. But few could have imagined that it would evolve into a violent (militant) movement. But it has, and it will only continue to get worse.

Only when strong men (and women) band together, and make stand against this perverted ideology, will the freak show of “Feminism” be destroyed, but it’s obvious that things will have to become much worse, before this happens. It’s never too late to put and end to degeneracy, but the longer it is allowed to exist, the harder it will be to stamp out!

It’s well past time, for people to wake-up, and realize that “Feminism” was never about “liberating” women, it’s sole purpose from the start, was to pit men and women against each other, and to promote sexual promiscuity. So don’t “buy the lie”, feminism is not a friend to women, it is a tool of destruction!