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It comes as no surprise, that the whole “Jussie Smollett Hate Crime”, was a hoax. Jussie’s story was unbelievable from the beginning. The claim that he was attacked by homophobic Donald Trump supporters, was in question from the start.

Somehow, he thought he could convince police (and the public) that there was a roaming pair of “racist white guys”, walking the streets of Chicago, just looking for a homosexual black man to attack. Everyone knows that, Chicago, is not a stronghold for Trump supporters. Let alone, white guys in MAGA hats.

This was a total hoax, and a weak attempt to label Trump supporters as racists. Did Jussie believe, that by faking a “hate crime”, that it would cause unrepairable damage to the Trump administration? And cause Trump supporters to walk away? If that was the case, then he failed miserably.

Jussie’s plan to use two Nigerian brothers to attack him, proved to be an epic backfire. New evidence shows the Nigerian brothers, purchasing rope and bleach (unconfirmed on the bleach) from an ACE Hardware store. This security camera footage was the reported “new evidence” that sealed Jussie’s fate.

Now the two brothers are reportedly “fully cooperating” with police. And they have admitted that they were the two individuals show on camera, the night of the fake hate crime. There are unconfirmed rumors, that the brothers, may have struck a plea deal with the authorities, in exchange for immunity.

The big question still remains to be answered. Will Jussie Smollett, be sent to prison? Or will his “Star Power” get him a “slap on the wrist”? The failed hoax, was aimed at painting all “MAGA” hat wearing Trump supporters, as racists. And for that, Jussie, deserves to face jail time, not only for trying to stir-up racial strife, but also for wasting the time and resources of the Chicago Police Department.

Jussie Smollett’s career should be toast. But lying weasels like him, have a real knack for escaping legal consequences. It would be no surprise, if this whole ordeal, made Jussie, even more popular. Perhaps his actions will be seen as heroic, especially in the minds of people who suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.