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The increased demand for “Sex Robots” is sickening. Just what kind of a man would want one? The fact that some men have given up all hopes of finding a REAL woman, is pathetic to say the least. Not only is having sex with a “Robot” degenerate, but it shows just how lazy some people are when it comes to dating.

But aside from being a sick lifestyle choice, it could one day become a danger to the “owner’s” privacy. Sex Robot manufactures, have been upping their game over the past decade. The realistic features of their “dolls”, has improved tremendously.

You have to admit, that the new generation of sex dolls, are very realistic. Some of them are so life-like, that you wouldn’t be able to pick one out of a crowd (at a distance that is). The improvements have been tremendous, and even though the makers of these sex robots are just as perverted as the people who buy them, one has to admit that they are very talented artists.

Sex Robot Head

But now there is a new breed of sex dolls. Some of the newest models are being equipped with animatronic features, such as, the ability to make facial gestures, such as, blinking and smiling. These features provide the “user” with even more of a life-like interaction.

But what will happen when these robots are connected to the internet? Imagine a Wi-Fi connected sex doll. A doll that could be like a perverted form of “Alexa”. One that you could actually have a conversation with, ask it questions, and get an intelligent response. But what about privacy?

What if everything you say and do is recorded, and stored on a server? Imagine a database that has all of your “encounters”, saved, and available for future recall. That would be a hackers dream, not to mention the Government’s. Just think, a sex robot owner, could be blackmailed and extorted by numerous entities. Imagine, having to payoff (indefinitely) hackers, in order to keep them from exposing you.

For instance, just as a human partner learns by remembering what words were soothing, and what type of touch was comforting, so too is a sex robot likely to store and process massive amounts of intimate information. What regulations are in place to ensure that this data remains private? How vulnerable will the sex robot be to hacking? The Sun article.

But being blackmailed by people is one thing, what if the robot (with the help of A.I.) becomes self-aware? Will it become the blackmailer? Imagine being controlled by a jealous sex robot. It seems like fantasy, but with the rapid growth of A.I., it could become a reality. For instance, what if the robot adopts a needy personality, and it wants your undivided attention?Asian Sex Robots

Think about it, a robot, that controls who you can and cannot interact with. You want to go out with “The Guys”, but it disapproves, and if you don’t comply, it will threaten to expose your lifestyle by uploading all of your sensitive data to the web. In effect, the owner would become subservient to the sex bot.

This may sound fantastic, but don’t underestimate the power of A.I.. There are few things more controlling than, sexual-blackmail. It has been one of the best extortion tools throughout history. And now it may become even more prevalent, if and when, sex bots become self-aware.

The best thing (and decent) to do, is to avoid them all together. Don’t be a sexual degenerate, make an effort to find a real woman. A sex bot may seem like a good idea for some lonely men, but it could end up costing them everything, especially respect.