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In another lewd publicity stunt, Dr. Victoria Bateman, took off her clothes, live on Good Morning Britain. The self proclaimed “feminist”, claims that the “Brexit” deal will leave the British people, “Naked”.

In true feminist fashion, she stripped off her clothes, and shocked the hosts (and viewers) with her “marshmallow” like body. It must have been a real treat for the viewers, a pudgy feminist with anti-Brexit slogans written on her body. What a way to start the morning!

This type of behavior is “feminism 101”. Somehow, feminists believe that by stripping their clothes off, people will take them seriously. Of course this has the opposite effect, especially on men. This type of “demonstration” is basically a free “peep show” for men. But in Bateman’s case, most men would beg her to cover-up.

Naked Dr. Bateman

Why as a woman should I only be able to use my body for sex and babies, why shouldn’t I also use my body to deliver an important message.

The key message that I have to deliver is that Brexit is the emperor’s new clothes, that what high profile Brexiteers promised Brexit voters is just not possible to deliver.

The British economy faces many, many problems right now, shortage of housing, problems with the NHS, wages stagnating, too many people up and down the country using food banks but the European Union is not the cause of those problems so how is it going to help us. How is Brexit going to help us solve those problems that are at the heart of our daily struggles up and down the country? – Dr. Victoria Bateman