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The western world has become a “safe space” for young women to act like Thots. The moral decline of western women is actually encouraged by a large portion of society. Somehow, young girls acting like sluts (especially cam-girls), is seen as a respectable “career”. Dressing scantily and begging men for money online, has become an acceptable practice.

But the degeneracy is not limited to online “superchats”. These “women” are openly flaunting their sexual degeneracy in public. What does it say about a young woman, who dresses up in a vagina costume, and marches down the street, screeching out anti-Patriarchy slogans?

What sane man would find this type of behavior acceptable? Furthermore, what kind of a man would want her as his wife? The rise (and acceptance) of this type of behavior, is why more and more men are choosing to search for Eastern-European brides.

Respectable men want a respectable wife, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find one in the west. And as a result, Russian dating has become the solution to the single man’s problem. Slavic girls are not only known for their beauty, but their traditional values as well. This combination is what make Russian girls so compatible with western men.

The dating scene in the west has become extremely toxic. In some cases, men are almost afraid to approach a woman for a date, fearing that they may offend. Dating has become like walking on egg-shells, men are constantly having to watch their “steps” carefully. It has become evident, that acting like a man, and being masculine, is no longer acceptable in the west.

And that is another reason why Eastern-European women are so attractive. Slavic women want a masculine and forceful man. They desire a husband who is not afraid of taking charge, and making his intentions clear. Slavic girls have no interest in “Beta-males”, they have no time for effeminate and indecisive men.

So if you are a single man, and you are tired of the “loose” and degenerate women of the west. The take the plunge, and enter the exciting and rewarding world of Russian dating now!