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The reasons why men choose to marry Russian girls are numerous, but one of the main reasons, is that they are natural homemakers. Slavic girls still hold true to the traditional roles that women play. This is a quality that is becoming harder to find in western women.

Russian girls reject the thought that being a homemaker is an oppressive lifestyle. There has been an ongoing war against traditional housewives for many decades. In most cases, being a housewife is looked down upon by “modern” society. Many people don’t consider it to be a rewarding life-choice.

How could anyone look down at a woman who cooks, cleans and tends to the children? How is that perceived as being a waste of time? Those things are totally natural, that is how it is supposed to be. The man goes to work and provides for his family, and the woman keeps house, and is a helpmate. And that is what true “equality” is.