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Thanks to Slavicmate.com, Russian dating has never been so easy! Before the internet age, the only way that men could find out about Russian brides, was through magazine ads. Most of these ads were found in the back pages of men’s magazines, such as golfing and automotive magazines. Not exactly the best place to search for love, but it was all that was available at the time.

If one was lucky enough to find one of these ads, he would then have to send away for a “Russian brides club” catalog. It was a crude listing of Russian brides profiles, with poor quality pictures. Then once a man saw a Russian girl that he liked, he would then have to pay in order to correspond with his chosen lady.

This was a risky proposition back then, this type of communication left the door wide open for scammers. Men had no idea if the woman the were corresponding with was even real. They were at the mercy of the so-called, “Russian brides club”. It was a risky endeavor back in the day, but it was a start.

Now, in the internet age, the world of Russian brides, has exploded. No more communicating by written correspondence. Men today, can live chat with sexy Russian girls, with just a click of the mouse. No more mailing letters and waiting. But more importantly, no more worrying about who, and if, you are talking to a real person!

The internet has radically changed the Russian brides landscape. Never before has it been so easy and quick, for single men to connect with single Slavic girls from around the world. No more waiting weeks for a letter, now the conversations are live. And this increase in speed, has drastically improved the marriage success rate.

The days of “snail mail” dating are no more. Now you can instantly interact with multiple Russian girls at once. And by doing so, you dramatically increase your chances of marital success, and rapidly decrease the amount of time spent searching. Slavicmate.com, is revolutionizing Russian dating, all you have to do is join!