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A woman who is still single at 30 or beyond, usually has nobody to blame except herself. A woman who puts her “career” first, and who takes life advice from ‘Sex And The City”, will ultimately wind up single for life.

Single and depressed women, often ask themselves the question, “Why am I still single?”. They just can’t seem to connect the dots. Of course they never blame themselves for their current situation, it is always someone else’s fault. Even though they treat men like dirt, it never occurs to them that they are the one’s at fault.

It is because of these types of women, that Russian brides are so appealing to men. Russian girls are more traditional and they are eager to start a family. Most Slavic girls want to get married before they turn 25, that seems to be the eastern version of “single at 30”. It is seen as “odd” for an Eastern-European girl to be unmarried by her late 20’s. Of course there are many different factors that can effect one’s marriage timeline. But at least Russian girls, are not purposely putting off marriage like their western counterparts.