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The amount of money wasted on money-hungry “Twitch Thots” is disgusting. Desperate men who feed these creatures will ultimately end up broke and depressed. Instead of making an effort and looking for a real woman, they live in a fantasy world. Some men actually believe that the e-Girls, that they shower with money, actually like them. These girls though, are no different than strippers. Once the money runs out, they stop paying attention.

Playing with Twitch girls, is no substitute to interacting with REAL women. And it is not the way to cure loneliness. All that a man needs to do to find true love is, make an effort! So if you are one of those men, who have fallen prey to the Twitch girl phenomenon, you need not continue this pathway to bankruptcy. Slavicmate.com has the cure to you loneliness, all you have to do is join.

We have 1000’s of single Russian girls, who are looking for companionship. There are no money-hungry Thots at Slavicmate.com. Our members are caring and authentic, and are looking to settle down. So stop feeding the Thots, and experience what true love is supposed to be.