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The increase of men using sex robots is sad, to say the least. A man who “uses” a sex doll, has basically given up all hope of finding a real woman. The rise in this behavior is partly due to the increase of shallow and petty women, brought on by the feminist agenda. But what do feminists have to say about this? They screech, Patriarchy!

Even men having sex with an inanimate object, is somehow a threat to women. They claim that men are using these dolls to act out their violent fantasies.

People love to pretend as though everything from prostitution to pornography to sex dolls are a solution to not only men’s supposed loneliness and unmet sexual “needs,” but to their violent, perverse desires. It being the future and all, “sex robots” are the natural next step. Similarly, men have claimed sex robots are the perfect solution to their apparent inability to stop raping and abusing women, as well as their inability to socialize with women as though they are actual human beings. One might ask how creating “realistic,” non-human dolls that men may project their desires onto and do whatever they wish with will impact women and men’s view of women, but capitalist patriarchy doesn’t ask questions so long as there is a product to sell and an erection to satisfy. ~ Meghan Murphy

Not only does Meghan, blame the Patriarchy, but “Capitalist Patriarchy”. This whole disgusting article is just another example of feminists pushing the “Men are violent” narrative. They want to dominate all aspects of a man’s life, yet they also expect special treatment.

It is irrational to believe that offering men something that physically looks like a woman — that men are encouraged to engage with as they would a woman — to beat up or rape will discourage men from thinking of women as objects upon which they can act out violent fantasies or project their anger. As we know, the existence of hundreds of thousands of prostituted women around the world and a billion dollar porn industry has not stopped rape or abuse. The sex trade itself functions as a system of paid, condoned rape, wherein men get what they want from women who must comply in order to survive, who don’t desire them, and are left traumatized, abused, and worse. That capitalist patriarchy has created a class of people for men’s use and abuse has not deterred them from raping or abusing women who aren’t prostituted, in any case. Full Story

Even though men choosing sex robots over real women is sad, the sadder part, is feminists claiming to have no responsibility for causing it. Feminists have harped about destroying the Patriarchy for decades, and this is one of the unintended results.