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The term “Russian mail order brides” is nothing more than a keyword that is used to improve SEO. The fact is, mail order brides are a fantasy. No one can just send away for a bride, or as some may say, “order” one.

Russian mail order brides is one of the most sought after keywords in the world of foreign marriage. It is a rich keyword, one that is widely used to boost a dating site’s Google Pagerank. All Slavic dating sites compete to “own” this phrase. As every one knows, being at the top of a Google search results, is vital to the success of one’s site. But this keyword can be very misleading.

This catch phrase has been used to death, and it has caused many people to actually believe that you can order a wife. And as a result of this belief, many people assume that Russian brides sites are nothing more than scams. The have gotten the impression that all of the girls on a Russian dating website, are nothing more than money-hungry scammers. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Slavicmate.com, is populated with a vast selection of honest and genuine Slavic singles. All of our members have been thoroughly screened. We do an extensive background check on all of our potential members. This way, we are able to weed-out girls who are not serious about marriage.

Russian Brides

There are some “big name” foreign dating sites that are scams, but we are not one of them. You may have visited some of these sites, and most likely, you have been left disappointed. Most of the women on the big name sites have no interest in marriage. Some of those sites even stoop so low as to pay their members to be on it. They only have one goal, and that is to bring in as much money as possible.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet. You have found one of the few REAL foreign marriage sites. Slavicmate.com, is the best place to find a Russian wife, and our high marriage rate proves it. We are dedicated to helping you find your significant-other.

So just remember, “Russian mail order brides” is not a bad word, it’s a keyword, and nothing more! It may be a phrase that is often over used and abused, but until a new buzzword comes along that best describes our services, it’s use will still be necessary.