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Cosmopolitan cover girl, Tess Holliday, is the new face of the “Beautiful at any weight” movement. This way of thinking is promoted heavily by feminist ‘advocates”. The very fact that, Cosmopolitan gave this “Blob’ of a woman the cover, is a great example of the power and influence that feminism has gained throughout the years.

Fat-Ass Tess Holliday

Years ago, a “Plumper” like, Tess Holliday, would have had a zero chance of even making it into a beauty magazine, let alone the cover. Usually, the only time a woman of Tess’s size would appear, would be in an article about how to AVOID becoming a tubby pig.

Bathing Beauty?

Tess Holliday In SwimsuitThe Strength Of Elastic

Tess Holliday SelfieLiterally Eating Yourself To Death

Tess, Holliday Eating CakeMiss Piggy Tattoo, Or Self Portrait?

Tess Holliday, Self Magazine CoverCouch Potato

Tess Holliday On CouchPoolside

Tess Holliday Eating In PoolMiss Piggy iPhone Cover – How Fitting

Tess HollidayPetite Ukrainian or Tess Holliday? – Tough Decision

Tess Holliday vs Sexy Russian GirlNo self respecting man would find, Tess Holliday, even remotely attractive. Men want a slim and attractive woman, and they are repulsed by fat “blimps” who have no self respect for themselves. And that is the reason why feminists promote people like, Tess, they want to change the way men think. Feminists are notorious for being fat and lazy, and instead of doing something about it and improving their image (not to mention their health), they want YOU to lower your standards.