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The fact is, Russian brides are a hot commodity. Western men have taken notice of the beauty that Russia has to offer. But the beauty of Slavic women isn’t the only reason. Men want a caring and faithful wife, and that is something that is severely lacking in today’s western woman.

The current dating environment in the west is “toxic” at best. Never before, has it been so difficult for a man to find a suitable wife. Men want a wife who is loyal and respectable, one who isn’t a shrill harpy. And that is why Slavic women are so appealing.

Of course not all western women are bad, it’s just that they are in short supply. The power and influence that feminism has gained over the past few decades, has wreaked havoc upon single men who are searching for a respectable woman. Feminism encourages women to “play the field”, in other words, put off marriage, focus on a career and be a sexual animal(Blown-out Roastie).

Only a soyboy, beta-male would find a “loose” woman attractive and want to devote his life to her. But if your a respectable Alpha-male, then look to Eastern-Europe, it truly is your best choice.