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World famous pornstar, Jesse Jane, was arrested after police found her laying on the sidewalk, drunk and soaked in urine. Jesse had attended the University of Oklahoma football game earlier. It has been reported that Jane was found laying on the sidewalk and soaked in her own urine. “She peed her pants”, said one officer to the other.

Jane was repeatedly asked by the officer if he could call someone to come and pick her up. But drunken Jane found it difficult to answer this basic question, and was unable to explain why she had no money or phone on her.

Finally Jane told the officer to just arrest her, which he did. Later at the police station, she claimed that she had been drugged, after confirming her story, she was released. This is just another case of Thots being Thots. One wonders if she was drugged, or if she willingly took the drug, we may never know, but on the other hand, who cares.